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Letter of Intent Number:2110-017
Project Name:Girls' Land
Status:New Request
Developer Name:
Developer Contact Name:Beverly Denise Ferguson (843 200 7236 843 849 1389)
Developer Address:436 Yellow House Place
Developer City:Wando
Developer State:SC
Development Type:Residential
Date Submitted:10/13/2021
Lot Number:C
Street Address:1167 Dan Road Mt Pleasant SC 29466
Tax Map Number:2780000203
Project Description:I am in the process of putting a contract on this property to build a house with a small pool/mother-in-law suite. I was told that I am tied into the water but not the sewer. I wanted to know how much it would cost to tie into Mt. Pleas. Sewer. Also, the selling agent stated that there used to be a mobile home on the property and it had a septic tank. Would I have to get another septic tank if I did not tie into the sewer?
Name on Bill:Beverly Denise Ferguson
Federal Tax ID Num:248 35 6601
Billing Address:436 Yellow House Place
Billing City:Wando
Billing State:SC
Billing Zip:29492
Billing Contact Name:Beverly Denise Ferguson
Billing Contact Phone:843 200 7236 843 849 1389
Billing Contact
Billing Date Service To Start:2021-12-02 00:00:00.000
Rep Company Name:
Rep Contact Name:Beverly Denise Ferguson (843 200 7236 843 849 1389)
Owner Rep Address:436 Yellow House Place
Owner Rep City:Wando
Owner Rep State:SC
Date Request Resolved:10/19/2021
Disposition Notes: