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Letter of Intent Number:1909-012
Project Name:Start Service
Status:Routed to Customer Service
Developer Name:Lush Cosmetics
Developer Contact Name:Laura Phillips (604-638-3632)
Developer Address:8680 Cambie St
Developer City:Vancouver
Developer State:UT
Development Type:Existing Commercial Building
Date Submitted:09/23/2019
Lot Number:
Street Address:1312 Theatre Drive
Tax Map Number:98-04000669
Project Description:Need service turn on under the name Lush Cosmetics
Name on Bill:Lush Cosmetics
Federal Tax ID Num:98-04000669
Billing Address:PO Box 528
Billing City:Logan
Billing State:UT
Billing Zip:84323
Billing Contact Name:Laura Phillips
Billing Contact Phone:604-638-3632
Billing Contact
Billing Date Service To Start:2019-09-24 00:00:00.000
Rep Company Name:
Rep Contact Name:
Owner Rep Address:
Owner Rep City:
Owner Rep State:
Date Request Resolved:09/23/2019
Disposition Notes: