Project Name:Izzys Scoops & Sweets, LLC
Project Number:CSAN0395
Project Description:Izzy's Scoops & Sweets will be serving ice cream & desserts. A capacity of 15-17. Disposable products will be used to serve all our products, which consists of ice cream, desserts and drinks. Cakes will be pre-sliced. At the recommendation of DHEC, a triple sink will be installed and the existing mop wash out basin will be used. No cooking will be done on site, all products will be provided by food vendors and local bakers. Please let me know if you have any questions. Isabelle C. Dymond Owner/ Manager Ph: (404) 502-8343 E:
Engineer:Izzy's Scoops & Sweets, LLC
Project Manager:Peter Fennell
Project Inspector:Tyler Thames
Current Work Activity: