Project Number Project Name Engineer Description
CEN0067Park Avenue Flex Phase 2
CEN0069Griffith Sewer ExtensionEarthsource EngineeringSewer extension
CEN0074Legacy Patriots PointSeamon Whiteside & Associates, LLCA 176 unit apartment complex is to be constructed with associated fire, domestic, and irrigation service lines. A proposed 8" line is to connect to an existing 12" PVC water main located just outside the property line to provide water for the site.
CEN0078Tupelo Forest Drive 7-ElevenBlakeway CorporationConstruciton of a proposed convenience store with fuel sales.
CEN0082Boone Hall Water ServiceThomas & HuttonConnect a proposed 8" water service to the existing 20" water main located along the west side of Hwy 17. An above ground water meter and backflow preventer will be installed outside of the Hwy 17 right-of-way. The proposed 8" water service line will be extended west across the property to serve the various existing facilities located near the plantation home, as well as provide fire protection for a proposed renovation of the existing Cotton Gin building.
CSAN02991145 Highway 41 Water ServiceE. M. Seabrook, Jr., Inc.Tap and water service line to 1145 Highway 41
CSAN0305Wild Wing Cafe RenovationEarthsource EngineeringThe property owner plans to renovate an existing restaurant and would like to relocate an existing sewer service as shown, including the grease trap.
CSAN0312LTP BarnStantec Consulting ServicesInstallation of a new 2" water service (1" tap and meter) and 6" sewer service for the existing barn building at the LTP tennis center. This building will also have interior renovations to provide a day care type and will be used similar to a day care facility. An existing 6" main on the LTP Tennis Complex (TMS #559-00-00-073) will be tapped to provide the new water service and a private utility easement will be provided (both parcels have the same owner of EEMO, LLC).
CSAN0358White Horse Car WashSeamonWhiteside+Construction of a Car Wash and associated infrastructure
CSAN0375Juice Joint Mount Pleasant
CSAN0378302 Wingo Way Office BuildingSeamon WhitesideThe building of a new 4 story office building on the existing outparcel in front of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. The outparcel has water and sewer stubbed out to the site which was done with the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel project.
CSAN0395Izzys Scoops & Sweets, LLCIzzy's Scoops & Sweets, LLCIzzy's Scoops & Sweets will be serving ice cream & desserts. A capacity of 15-17. Disposable products will be used to serve all our products, which consists of ice cream, desserts and drinks. Cakes will be pre-sliced. At the recommendation of DHEC, a triple sink will be installed and the existing mop wash out basin will be used. No cooking will be done on site, all products will be provided by food vendors and local bakers. Please let me know if you have any questions. Isabelle C. Dymond Owner/ Manager Ph: (404) 502-8343 E:
CSAN0406Baker CollectionsSeamonWhitesideConstruction of a 1100 SF commercial building on an existing parking lot with associated sewer and water services.
CSAN0408Coralberry CottageEarthsource EngineeringMixed-Use Redevelopment
CSAN0417Regions Branch Bank - Wando Crossing Shopping CenterThe Roberts Group, PSCDemolish existing 4,750 sq-ft restaurant building and limited area of existing site improvements. Construct a new 2,600 sq-ft branch bank building in a different location on the site with a drive-through with supporting parking, utilities and landscaping. Propose to re-use existing 4" sanitary lateral, 1 1/2" domestic water service and 1" irrigation service.
CSAN0418Wood&Grain (Tierra al Mar)LangdonNeed to add suite 101 on to Wood&Grain account Owens company suite 102
CSAN0419First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant - Sanctuary RenovationAlteration of existing space for new finishes and to incorporate three single occupant toilet rooms and a platform expansion in and existing building without a change of use or occupancy.
CSAN0421Tapio School of Dance and GymnasticsNew water service addition
CSAN0422Dunkin Donutsremodel of existing building to new Dunkin Donuts
CSAN0426LIDL - Mount PleasantKimley-Horn and AssociatesThe proposed project is an approximately 5,900 SF expansion of the existing shopping center to accommodate a proposed grocery user. Improvements also consist of dumpster enclosure relocations, a depressed loading dock, and driveway improvements.
CSAN04283002 / 3022 SOUTH MORGANS POINT ROAD METER REPLACEMENTCivil Site EnvironmentalReplacement of existing building master meters with individual tenant space meters
CSAN0430Locals Raw llclocals raw llcswitch service over to new tenant locals raw llc.
CSAN0433Gregorie Ferry Landing Building #2Construction of a commercial building for retail and butcher shop. Work will also include the connection of sewer and water service and a fire line. Proposed Building #2
CSAN0438Lowcountry RheumatologyBank conversion to Medical Office.
CSAN0440Charleston PopsThis is a light-use restaurant upfit in an existing shell building.
CSAN0446123 Pitt StreetSynchronicity and Constantine EngineeringWater service currently exists in building to service the Salon in Suite B; the current service is held in the name Swish LLC. Suite A is being upfitted to accommodate a bakery/cafe. Tenant currently has an interior 75-gallon grease trap in her current bakery that gets cleaned out once annually. She would like to bring that to the new location at 123 Pitt..Additional water-related upfits to Suite A include a dishwasher, a new bathroom, and a mop closet. No additional REU anticipated.
REN0073The Overlook @ Copahee SoundBC Moore Engineering, Inc.Water line and sewer line extensions to serve 22 residential lots
REN0093Melvin Bennett SubdivisionSub-division of 1.6 acres into 1 acre commercial and 2 residential lots
REN0097John Ballam SubdivisionEarthsource EngineeringProposed project is a new 18 lot residential subdivision.
REN0099Boston Grill Subdivision (Hub City Holding, LLC)Hub City Holding, LLCWe are subdivided 1 parcel into 5
REN0111North Palmetto Fort Sewer ImprovementsEarthsource EngineeringInstallation of 265 LF 8" gravity sewer main and 3 manholes within existing public right-of-way and easement serving a new future residential subdivision.
REN0116Gadsdenville Road Subdivisionsitecast10 residential lots with the extension of water and sewer mains
REN0131Carolina Park Phase H.2SeamonWhitesideThe purpose of the project is the construction of a new phase of infrastructure and residential housing in the existing Carolina Park development. Phase H.2 consists of 34 lots which require water and sewer service.
REN0134The Retreat at Carolina Park - Cottages Phase 2Thomas and HuttonPhase 2 of new residential development.
REN0135Carolina Park Phase F.2BSeamon Whiteside55 lots in Riverside in Carolina Park. This phase was previously submitted as Phase F.2=86 lots. This phase has been subdivided into Phase F.2A=31 lots and Phase F.2B=55 lots.
RSAN0235Shipyard at HobcawBowman Consulting GroupThe proposed project consists of the demolition of an existing asphalt paved cul-de-ssac/road and construction of a new split road with landscaped and hardscaped median. New water and sewer services provided for a 5th lot recently platted.
RSAN04794089 Longmarsh RdNew residential service, will require a grinder pump
RSAN05253503 War Admiral Ct New Service Water Tap/Meter
RSAN0538Philosophia (Commercial)Looking to open an account for future business commencing ownership of space 9/1/2021 and business opening 1/1/2022. Will need to acquire a FOG permit for existing grease trap as well as regular water service. Still awaiting finalized layout drawings for occupancy, once obtained I will send in FOG application.