Project Number Project Name Project Mgr Budget Contractor Description
ARL1704Pitt Street - Old VillageBryan Brooks$2,827,138.78Triad
ARL2101Royall Ave Town Drainage ProjectBryan Brooks$735,000.00Triad Engineering & Contracting Co.
SCL2108Collection System Rehab ProgramTrae Borden$3,766,013.00CaJenn Construction and Rehab Services
SFM2201Emergency Repair 16-Inch Force Main Hwy 17 at Von Kolintz and I526 Bryan Brooks$0.00
STR2105CSWWTP Headworks RehabilitationMichael Firestone$2,755,267.00Harper General Contractors
WMT2103Meter Bench Test Equipment and RO2 Bldg RehabDan Darby$855,318.37SouthCon Building Group
WSP1705Deep Well 5 ReplacementDan Darby$7,926,108.00Rowe Drilling Company
WSP1805Deep Well 2 ReplacementDan Darby$4,799,116.38A.C Schultes of Carolina
WSP2107RO 2 Elevated Storage Tank RehabilitationDan Darby$600,000.00Viking Industrial Painting
WTR2105Water Supply ImprovementsDan Darby$6,583,720.83BRW Construction